32 Channels at 500 MS/Sec
500 MHz Input Bandwidth
Less than 1pf Input Capacitance
-2V to +4V Input Threshold
USB 2.0 interface to Windows XP

128M Samples for $1995
256M Samples for $2495
512M Samples for $2995

What's With the Fish?

The DeepTrace PC Based Logic Analyzer is the culmination of over 20 years of hardware design and debug experience.  Over the years, we've designed a lot of hardware and debugged it with a lot of different logic analyzers.  No logic analyzer ever had all of the features that we needed.  Finally, as a back burner project, we started designing the DeepTrace Logic Analyzer as our "Ultimate Dream Machine".   Our main goal was to make debugging easier.  After many years, and several major design revisions, we're finally at the point where the DeepTrace is becoming more of a "front burner" project.   This site is our attempt to tell the world about it.   We're hardware engineers not web designers (in case you couldn't tell already).  Please bear with us as we do a little XHTML/CSS on-the-job training.

One of the most important rules of debugging is that to fix a problem you have to see it.   That's where the "Deep" in DeepTrace really shines.   The base unit can store 128 MILLION samples.   At 2ns per sample, that's more than 250 milli-seconds of samples.   The top of the line unit can store up to 512 MILLION samples.   That's over one second of storage at the full 500 MHz sample rate.   In order to make it easier to find things in such an enormous buffer, you can use the standard trigger logic to search for triggers in the previously stored samples.   No more scrolling through a huge buffer to find something after your initial trigger.   Best of all, any number of trigger conditions can be defined, and the acquisition trigger is independent of the search trigger.

Paul Graham said  "You're most likely to get good design if the intended users include the designer himself".  We couldn't agree more.  We'll stop at nothing to make our lives easier, so you can be sure that the DeepTrace Logic Analyzer will have the features you need to efficiently debug high speed complex hardware.  Even we can't think of every feature our customers might want, so the firmware is fully field upgradeable.  We plan to continuously enhance the hardware, software, and user interface.  The more feedback we receive from our users, the better your DeepTrace will get.

High performance usually comes at a high price, but not with the DeepTrace Logic Analyzer.  Even though we are a small company, we have extensive state-of-the-art surface mount manufacturing equipment.  Even some of the big guy's don't build their own products.  We do.  The result of our "micro-vertical-integration" is lots of bang for your buck.   If you measure performance as Channels X Samples X Sample Rate, our price/performance beats other logic analyzers by an order of magnitude.

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